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Join the WSWST

How do I join?

Simply attend a Fun Tournament to join!  There is no membership fee to join the WI Scholastic Water Ski Teams.  By completing an Official Entry Form at the tournament site you automatically become a member.

Do I have to be a member of USA Water Ski to participate in the Fun Tournament?

Yes, all participants must be members of USA Water Ski, the national organization that governs all water ski tournaments.  If you are not an active member through your local Show Ski Club, you can become a Guest Member for just $7.  A simple one-page application will need to be completed at Registration.  It’s that easy!  If you plan to ski in more than 3 tournaments in any given summer, it would be beneficial to become an active member of USA Water Ski. The "Under 25 Active" membership fee is $40 for skiers 18 and under and includes 9 issues of The Water Skier magazine published by USA Water Ski.  Apply in advance on line at www.usawaterski.org. Remember to bring proof of membership to the Fun Tournament by printing your receipt after joining on-line, or by showing your official USA Water Ski Membership Card.

Do I have to join the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation (WWSF) to participate?

No, membership in WWSF is not required, but highly recommended!  An annual membership includes a full year subscription to the Wisconsin Water Skier magazine (published three times per year).  The magazine alone is well worth the $15 individual or $30 family membership because you are supporting Wisconsin water skiing, water usage legislation, water skiing safety and good sportsmanship.  Plus the magazine provides you with all the latest information about individuals, clubs, tournaments, competitions, show ski schedules, websites, boat dealers, ski schools and more!  Look for the sample magazines at Registration.  The application can be found on-line at www.waterski.org or in any Wisconsin Water Skier magazine.

What time is registration?

Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. The running order is established as skiers arrive.  We begin skiing after an “All Skier Meeting” at 9:45 a.m. where we discuss the rules, water ski safety, the tournament tow boats and drivers, and the schedule for the day.

Does a parent need to be present?

Parents should arrive in the morning during Registration to sign the required Liability Release Forms.  Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter.  Siblings are welcome to attend, but cannot be left alone at the ski site.  If a parent must leave the site, please inform Tony so arrangements can be made in the event of an emergency.

Can my child bring a friend?

Yes!  Skiers are encouraged to bring their friends to participate in the Fun Tournament!  Please contact Tony in advance for Release Forms so the friend’s parent can sign the waiver in advance.  However, please keep in mind that the WI Scholastic Water Ski Teams Fun Tournament is not a “learn to ski” day.  It would be helpful if the friend knows how to ski on a pair of skis or wakeboard.  Providing there is a very strong desire to learn how to barefoot, we are happy to teach basic barefooting techniques for first-timers on the boom.  A barefoot wetsuit will be required.  If the friend does not own a wetsuit, there are usually several skiers willing to share their barefoot wetsuit.

Can I send my child with another family? 

Yes, carpooling is common.  Just remember the required Liability Release Forms must be signed in advance.  Contact Tony at Tony@LoftAdvisory.com for the forms to be e-mailed to you, then send the signed forms along with your child.

How can I get involved with the Fun Tournaments?

There are many opportunities for both the parent and child to get involved!  Consider judging (checking off tricks as they are performed), scoring (adding up points on trick lists), becoming a lunch helper, or assisting with trophies.  Volunteers are needed at all of the Fun Tournaments!  If you are an advanced skier, you may even consider coaching the younger novice (first-time) skiers during our “Land Clinics”.  Become a volunteer and have fun!

What if my child has another commitment in the afternoon such as football practice?

No worries!  Simply let Tony know that you have to leave early.  Depending on the number of skiers present, we can try to move your child up in the running order to fit all of the events in.

For further information contact Tony at Tony@LoftAdvisory.com or call 414-232-3865.


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